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Behavioural consultations

Providing behavioural modification and learning foundations for problem dogs.

Settling rescue dogs into their new home environment.


Rescue dogs can present their own challenges, often arriving to us with incomplete or unknown histories and sometimes bringing with them a variety of unwanted behaviours that previous owners have struggled to cope with.

Some of these behaviours may not become apparent for several weeks, only showing up once your dog has begun to settle into their new home environment. Behavioural consultations are spread over several months, to facilitate your rescue dog’s adjustments to their new lifestyle.

After the first month it is important to avoid inadvertently reinforcing any undesirable behaviours that may emerge during months two to three, once your dog reveals more of their true character as the honeymoon period begins to wear off.

Many rescue dogs present minor training issues which can be resolved fairly easily using a range of simple approaches which build upon the dog’s prior learning history, to develop more healthy bonds of trust and clear lines of communication.

Some rescue cases may however require much more help with confidence building or acclimatising to the demands of their new home environment and lifestyle. Sometimes time, patience and understanding are a crucial part of the training protocol, to minimise any stress the dog is likely to be experiencing as they become familiar with all aspects of their new home.

You may be experiencing behaviour problems relating to unchecked emotional issues which are linked to anxieties or fears, most often in response to new people or unknown dogs. Toileting indoors, guarding issues, problems in a multi-dog household, barking, separation anxiety, noise sensitivities and compulsive behaviours are not uncommon.

For behavioural issues you will need to book your dog in to see your vet prior to our first consultation. This is to rule out any potential medical issues (pain), which may be the cause of behaviour change. Pain may cause some dogs to experience problems like noise sensitivity, body handling issues, dog reactivity, human aggression, or resource guarding. Your vet will help to rule out any health concerns before we begin to address a behaviour modification plan.


Should I believe that you or your dog requires more specialist behavioural support than I am able to provide, I will support you whilst your case is referred onto a veterinary / clinical behaviourist.


Programs include:

  • Initial 60 or 90 Minute Consultation

  • 2 or 4 One Hour Training Sessions

  • Weekly Fifteen Minute Catch Up and Support Calls

  • Reliable Support via email, text, or What’s App,

  • and Homework Tasks plus Training Handouts to keep you practising


Private Consultation

A one off ninety minute one-to-one consultation, in the comfort of your own home. If you decide to follow this up with a behaviour or training program, the initial cost of your consultation will be deducted from the purchased program.

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