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Puppy Group

Spring-Summer 2022 Puppy Life-skills Classes


Teaching life skills that create harmony at home and out in public.


This course of six group lessons teaches you and your new puppy all the life skills required to live together harmoniously and benefit from a calm dog whilst out in public.


Gone are the days of military obedience training, thank goodness! However, our new pup still needs to understand all the rules for living safely within their new home environment.


Positive reinforcement techniques are the most effective way to teach your new puppy everything required to feel safe in the world and develop strong bonds of trust which foster co-operation during adolescence.


You'll be taught how to communicate effectively with your pup, using play and fun training protocols to reinforce desirable behaviours.


Lessons will teach your pup confidence, resiliency, frustration control, comfort with body handling and vet visits, alongside techniques to maintain calm in new places and around visitors to the home.


You will be shown how to teach your pup healthy (non-permissive) boundaries without resorting to punishment, how to proof your pups responses to a variety of verbal commands, and what constitutes good (often rewarded) choices during interactions with people and other animals.


Lessons allow you to learn and practice important skills such as teaching your pup a reliable recall, training them to walk beside your feet without pulling on the lead, winning their full focus and attention whenever you need it,  and ensuring that your pup knows how to safely interact with other dogs and people.


All of these skills enable you and your pup to learn how to have fun together regardless of where you are, so that you are free to fully enjoy the experience of owning an operant dog.


As an IMDT Member, I only use the most scientifically proven, modern, effective, kind and fair training methods and equipment.


Modern dog training is a carefully devised formula to always set your puppy or dog up for immediate success. If you or your dog make a mistake, we no longer need to use any form of punishment to achieve results.


Classes are run outdoors in a secure paddock. Numbers are a maximum of six dogs to ensure that you receive individual attention throughout, without risk of your puppy feeling overwhelmed. Family are welcome to attend classes.


All participants will receive a welcome pack which includes Steve Mann's famous puppy training book, and a certificate of completion.


Please contact me below to book into the next available group class, held on a Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings.


£120 for six weeks of classes.



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