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One to One 
Training Programs

Problem solving recall, focus work, pulling on lead, jumping up, socialisation, scavenging, challenges during adolescence, self-control and life skills.


One-to-one sessions will problem solve many of the common challenges standing in the way of a harmonious relationship with your dog, giving you the confidence to build essential bonds of trust with your dog. 


This program is for problem solving training issues, changing unwanted behaviours and working on life-skills that encourage positive lifestyle habits within your dog’s home life or walking routine. Training is reward (food and toys) based, force-free, simple and fun! The focus of work is for your dog to quickly become more operant, better behaved and more emotionally balanced with the goal of keeping it enjoyable for all.

Many dogs have an unreliable or non-existent recall during walks, some are excitable greeters who jump up on people at home or during walks, others pull excessively on the lead, bark a lot more than we would wish, display destructive tendencies, or show a lack of self control and/or poor frustration tolerance in certain situations.


Each training program is therefore tailored to meet all of your individual needs, ensuring that you are provided you with the appropriate level of training skills and techniques necessary to problem solve unwanted or stressful behaviours.

Adolescent dogs between nine and twenty two months age often experience behavioural regressions which can be very frustrating and difficult for owners to manage. Unsurprisingly, this is the age that many dogs are relinquished to shelters and rescues. Sometimes these youngsters require a more structured and breed specific bespoke training program, enabling care-givers to better integrate their dog's needs and personality within their own busy lifestyles.

I offer training programs with varying timelines, to suit your own support requirements. You may simply wish to change some of your dog’s unwanted behaviours or simply require some additional obedience training to build great lifestyle habits into your dog’s routine. Each program will teach you the handler skills and canine knowledge required to address the underlying causes of undesirable behaviours. You are advised and supported throughout implementation of the suggested training protocol.

Habits are rarely changed effectively in less than a three to four week period. Following a longer term program provides you with ongoing feedback, support and advice throughout the process, to ensure that you and your dog achieve long-term success rather than experiencing behavioural regressions.

After an initial assessment at your own home or on Zoom, training will usually be carried out in the environment where you’re experiencing problems, potentially in the home or those places where you exercise your dog. Where appropriate, use of a secure and private training field for one-to-one sessions is also included within any package. Whatever your training requirements, you and your family are all encouraged to be actively involved with training.

During training, you can expect to spend a lot of time handling and working alongside your dog whilst I guide you through the practical exercises, using easy to follow demonstrations that explain the theory, goals and expectations underpinning each learning session.


There will be plenty of time for questions and answers during each session, plus you will have regular access to ongoing support between sessions, as well as weekly feedback on your progress and training practice.

I rarely recommend single sessions or one-off consultations, as these tend to only facilitate ‘quick-fix’ resolutions designed to prevent or suppress unwanted behaviours. Addressing the root causes of challenging behaviours is the only way to achieve effective long-term behaviour change.

Please book your free twenty minute discovery call on the link below. This is an ideal opportunity for you to provide me with some basic details about your dog’s training requirements and ask me any questions. We can then plan an initial assessment to kick start your dog's training journey.


Programs include:

  • Initial 60 or 90 Minute Consultation

  • 3, 5 or 7 One Hour Training Sessions

  • Weekly Fifteen Minute Catch Up and Support Calls

  • Reliable Support via email, text, or What’s App

  • Homework Tasks

  • Training Handouts to keep you practicing


If you have already booked a Walk and Train Program, discounts apply to all One to One Training Packages.

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