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One-to-One Puppy Life Skills & Pre-Puppy


Meeting all of your pups training needs through personalised tuition in the home to help you make all of the best decisions.


Helping to simplify your life with a new puppy.


I also offer pre-puppy services to support you through important planning and purchase decisions.



Bringing home your eight week puppy is a magical time for most owners. It can however be fraught with concerns and controversial opinions about how to best manage the following:

- Feeding issues,

- Sleep routines,

- Teething dilemmas,

- Toilet training,

- Activities to keep your puppy entertained,

- Early training protocols,

- Socialisation,

- Physical exercise and mental enrichment,

- Bonding issues,

- Worries about potential signs of early aggression, or

- Unusually anxious or fearful puppies.

Puppy training sessions cover problem issues such as chewing, play-biting, jumping up, settling and sleeping and managing ‘the witching hour’. I simplify the endless confusion and mistakes made around socialisation timing and protocols, alongside appropriate exercise. I provide you with appropriate mental stimulation and enrichment activities for your pup and teach you how to prevent or solve common body handling problems. We also cover crate training, diet, play, building secure attachment bonds, raising your puppy amongst children and other pets and future issues such as when to neuter/spay your dog.

All of these issues are reviewed and resolved in the comfort of your own home. I will work with you to devise a bespoke plan that suits your own lifestyle needs at the same time as ensuring that your puppy has the best possible start to life. Minimising errors at this early stage is really important, to ensure that we prevent many future problem behaviours from arising.

If you are unsure what breed of dog will best suit your family’s lifestyle or feel uncertain about how to introduce a new dog into the current household, I also provide consultations prior to your puppy arriving home. These offer a huge amount of specialist support, to help you make the best possible decisions relating to finding the right breed to match your own lifestyle requirements.

I also provide advice on sourcing dogs from ethical breeders, to help you avoid the huge influx of puppy farms (many of whom are “front housing”) throughout the UK (accounting for at least 10% of all UK puppies, potentially as many as 25%). I will guide you through the ‘perfect puppy recipe’, to ensure you are making all the best decisions prior to your new pup arriving home and throughout their vital first few weeks at home with you.


Programs include: Initial 60 Minute Consultation, 2 or 4 One Hour Training Sessions, Weekly Fifteen Minute Catch Up and Support Calls, Reliable Support via email, text, or What’s App, and Homework Tasks plus Training Handouts to keep you practicing.

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