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Hi, I'm Vicky

I provide dog training & behaviour services in
South Somerset and North Dorset

Welcome to Luminous Dog Training.

I specialise in ‘One to One’ in-person and Zoom Training and Behaviour consultations, also Training Walks and Puppy Training programs. 

My role is to guide and support clients through their dog’s program of long-term behaviour change. I offer professional advice to dog owners who are struggling with challenging behaviours, supporting you and your dog every step of the way, to minimise stress and help you to problem solve.

My goal is for families and single dog parents to gain all of the skills required to live and interact more harmoniously with their dogs. I offer a range of structured training and behaviour modification programs, to help you provide your pet dogs with the best possible start to your new life together.


Professional Services

Helping you to achieve long-term success through every life stage of your canine companion


One to One Training

Problem solving recall, jumping up, pulling on lead, self-control etc.

Walk & Train

Confidence building for anxious and reactive dogs, taking the stress out of walks

Behaviour Training

Behavioural support and life skills training for rescue dogs

Puppy Training

Personalised training solutions to simplify life with your new puppy

Group Puppy

Six group lessons to teach you and your new puppy all the life skills required


Vicky is phenomenally experienced and was able help me with training my Staffordshire bull terrier cross husky, Ripley. Not only did she possess a huge amount of knowledge so was able to explain why you need to apply certain training techniques and why these worked, but she has huge amounts of patience with myself and made training fun. 

It has turned my dog around from the nervous dog with little recall and an anxious traveler to a hugely responsive and much calmer dog who I can take anywhere. 

Vicky made me feel hugely confident in the techniques she taught me and their application. She is wonderfully inspiring and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a puppy or adolescent dog. 

Client review, Nov 2021

Have you forgotten the joy of relaxing and sociable walks with your dog?

One-to-one Training Walks are an ideal way to safely exercise nervous dogs, whilst teaching them the vital life skills required to begin working on many common training problems.

Perhaps you need professional help training your new puppy?

One-to-one Puppy Training programs teach you how to apply all of the practical training and lifestyle skills, enrichment activities and safe socialisation protocols that I have learned from some of the UK’s top behaviourists. Boosting your pup's resiliency, confidence and emotional well-being is the best way to substantially reduce the chances of behavioural problems developing later in life.

You’re not alone if you’re having recall problems and failing to keep your dog’s attention when it is most needed!

You may require a little professional help with training problems such as excessive jumping up or barking, or your dog’s exhausting pulling and lunging on lead.

Has your pandemic puppy suddenly turned into a distracted adolescent, resistant to your every word?

A one-to-one Training program is a great way to iron out any frustrating or embarrassing problems you may be experiencing with high maintenance adolescent and rescue dogs. Whether you need help with reinforcing desirable habits, teaching loose lead walking or recall, or training your dog to be more focused and operant, I can help.

Maybe you’ve welcomed a rescue dog / puppy into your household and realise how important it is to gain their trust, helping them to build many positive associations whilst they settle in and safely habituating and socialising them to the people, places and animals you want them to feel comfortable around.

Behaviour work is crucial for dogs who lack effective coping strategies to regulate their feelings about frightening or overwhelming environmental triggers. I'd love to teach you how to help your dog regain their confidence and overcome common emotional problems that require us to change any negative emotions that are causing them stress, anxiety or fear.

As a certified member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, I bring you extensive knowledge and experience, whilst adhering to training principles that are kind, ethical and scientifically proven. My bespoke one-to-one programs provide committed owners with tailored advice and support that will help you to achieve realistic goals, safely working with your dog to problem solve training and behaviour issues. Your own unique personal and professional needs are catered for within programs tailored to your meet all of your own requirements, as well as your dogs. If you are dedicated to working through a training or behaviour modification program, I can guarantee substantial improvements to ‘Quality of Life’ for you, your family and your dog.

If you’re looking for effective, long-term solutions, please contact me on the link below to book a free twenty minute ‘discovery’ call with me. Once enrolled on a program, you will be professionally coached, mentored and supported throughout your training journey. I will never judge, nor blame either you or your dog. I always endeavour to find the most simple solutions for YOU, without ever trying to sell you 'quick fixes' that risk damaging the vital relationship bonds between you and your dog.

All new client’s have the option to benefit from training and/or rehabilitation sessions based at my home in south Somerset, where we can safely work in a private training paddock and several acres of pasture-land.

Alternatively, I offer home visits or training walks in most areas of South Somerset and North Dorset. If you are further afield or shielding, many programs can also be effectively carried out via Zoom meetings.

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